Microsoft .NET Software Development

Today enterprise information systems require a number of technologies to get the job done including web services, desktop applications, console applications, background services and others. Brian has experience building all of these with Microsoft .NET. For example, Brian Johnston develops desktop and server software including Wireless Sectretary Pro for Outlook. Wireless Secretary Pro for Outlook sends Microsoft Outlook calendar reminders and forwards Microsoft Outlook email to wireless text pagers.  Microsoft made WSO available for download from the Microsoft Outlook web site. Large companies such as Intel, Compaq, Motorola and others have site licenses. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers.


"Solid Product. I have not missed an appointment yet. Very reliable. thanks! Keep up the good work and information."

Customer - R2 Corporation

"I just wanted to take a quick minute and say what an excellent product you have developed. I have been looking for this type of product and am very happy about finally finding it."

Customer - IntelliNet Corporation

"Thanks a lot, I appreciate your quick response. I have referred your product to many people already ... Good luck with your continuing and well placed efforts!

Customer - TIGSD

Wireless Secretary Pro for Outlook

Wireless Secretary Server, for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.  is a multi user messaging system that forwards reminders and email messages to pagers and cell phones directly from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 .  You may take a closer look at this software by browsing the documentation or you may download and install it.

Another application deveoped by Brian Johnston is Project Timer. You may download Project Timer and use it freely if you also need to track time spent on tasks, or you have a team and you manage projects.  ProjectTimer is a timesheet program that imports projects and tasks from Microsoft Project files or projects and tasks may be created within the program. Tasks can be cross-referenced to charge codes and time is charged to tasks. Timesheet data can be centralized in a database on a file server, or distributed.  If timesheet data is distributed it can be emailed to a central location automatically.  ProjectTimer prints timesheets and status reports and maintains an audit trail of changes.  It is simple to make your own custom reports from ProjectTimer because the data is stored in Microsoft Access.

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