Brian understands that businesses must be prepared to handle varying demands and dynamic requirements and their information systems must not hold them back. Good database design is essential to facilitate growth and rapid adaption to the changes the business requires. Brian Johnston develops databases with Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Lite. From Entity Relationship Design (ERD) to Data Definition Language (DDL) to Structured Query Langage (SQL) and performance tuning, Brian Johnston performs every phase of database development. For several years Brian was an Oracle DBA and has had SQL Server and DB2 DBA responsibilities for years.

This online trasaction processing system was developed for the U.S. Air Force with the Oracle database and Oracle Web Application Server.  At last count SAS served over 2000 U.S. government personnel at Air Force bases all over the world. 

This system combined an Oracle database / Microsoft ASP pages / and ESRI  ArcSDE to enable researchers to create and maintain spatial data attributes from web pages. 

Though small, Microsoft Access, is still a powerful relational database tool that Brian Johnston uses to develop database systems which fit that scale.